Our prices

The value of the point is set at 1.07 (tarif Dentotar)for individual private treatments.

This is not representative of the final amount, as each client can come in for their personal specific demands, which we will gladly take the time to discuss.

Please don’t hesitate to call for a detailed estimate or to establish a possible payment plan.

Price list

First consultation with the dentist includes scaling and 2 dental scans (X-rays) 198CHF
40 minute scaling with the dental hygienist 134CHF
30 minute scaling with the dental hygienist, annual check up and 2 dental scans 180CHF
Filling with local anaesthesia dès 200 CHF
Ceramic dental crown (Zircone) combined with dental implant (Straumann) dès 2900 CHF
Teeth whitening with mouth tray and product 510 CHF
Ceramic dental crown 1500 CHF
Inlays and onlays 1900 CHF